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Originally Posted by DownUnderNZer View Post

Not a Lenormand deck I would choose to work with!. I would not likely recommend it to anyone.

Although the images are not busy they are on the small side dead set in the middle of each card. As some are on the "dark side" and "dull" in appearance like the "Fox", "Scythe", "Tower", "House" at first they are hard to make out even with glasses on. The color tones are the same as the vine border.

Two cards that I had to look at the numbers to know what they were - were: "36" and "20". The images are not that great at all. If a beginner has no idea that 20 = Garden/Park or 36 = Cross it would truly be lost to them.

The other problem I had was with the numbers themselves as they are difficult to see and not easy to make out unless you have perfect vision perhaps.

I agree with you on Enchanted,hardly use mine I didn't like the changes particularly the cross,just cos I'm pagan doesn't mean I can't work with its traditonal symbolism,and main images are swamped by the border.I love Gilded reverie,that deck and Rana George's essential lenormand book-all you really need.
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