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Smile 6 of Wands

After drawing this card I looked at it for some time and here's what I wrote about it in my Mary-El Journal:

A pale, delicate, almost fragile-looking, androgynous figure with flame colored eyes looks steadily out at you from the image. This angel has six fingers on both hands, one of which is subduing a serpent-like beast. The other holds a flaming spear. This card says to me, "Here is your champion". When I look at this card I get the sensation of staring in the mirror, for the angel has almost the same steady, yet penetratingly blank expression of someone staring into a mirror.

I agree with you Bat Chicken when you said: "It is not a force outside us. It is us.

The wings were designed to look like mountain peaks. Mountain peaks make me think of struggle, travail, passing through a valley and being safely guided through the other side. Strength, durability, support. Toughness. The last thing this card says to me is, "You may be feeling fragile, but you are tougher than you feel or think.
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