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I have spent some time thinking about this card, it's place in the reading I did, what it says in the book, what's been going on in the news, and what precedes it in the 5. The dragon or beast is our previous ignorance and struggles. Slaying the dragon is the lessons we learn through hardship and difficult experience. Then we carry it with us a reminder of what we have learned, and as a reminder to act upon that knowledge. The slay the dragon and then discard it, or to discard it without ever facing off is to remain or retreat to ignorance

The Six of Wands serves as a reminder that it is through our own suffering that we are able to develop empathy for others. Recent news coverage about 'affluenza' illustrates what happens when this is absent. By never having to contend with difficulties or darkness, or by having the dragon slain for us instead of confronting it on our own, we fail to foster a consideration for others. Privilege can end up crippling us spiritually and emotionally. In this instance, carrying the dragon makes us mindful of those who are still struggling and have not had the advantages we have had.

The dark wings representing mountain peaks serve as another metaphor for this concept: to earn the wings, you have to climb the mountain.
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