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Renaissance Tarot (Jones / Lyle) - 8 of Cups

This card reminds me a little of the 6 of Swords.
There are some fairly obvious similarities.

Here we have a dark blue 'road' moving away into the distance. The road is a straight one and is lined with 6 golden cups; 3 on either side.
On the road we see 2 interlinked trails of liquid which are being poured from 2 up-tipped cups in the foreground.
The interlinked trails of liquid seem perfectly symmetrical and almost look like a helix shape.
The final 'link' almost looks as if it could form the shape of a love heart.

This card makes me think of a meandering emotional journey.
I like the fact that the 2 streams of liquid look balanced and symmetrical as that links this card to it's Major Arcana numerical equivalent card, Justice.
You get out what you put in so to get emotional fulfillment you have to invest emotionally.

With the eights there are 2 lots of 4 so double the stability and yet there is movement too.
Think of the number eight, the shape of it. There is movement around and around but it also looks like a solid number and the 2 halves are very well balanced.
Eights are about movement to find a balance and that's what this card makes me think of too.
There is some sort of emotional imbalance after the upset of the 7 and with the eights we move to put this right.
We organise our feelings.

I think this card is a very complex one and I'm really looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts about it.
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