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I say, if the deck talks to him, BUY IT~!

In my opinion, why should Rider Waite decks get all the preference? There are no rules in my book for learning how to read cards that says one must learn on a Rider Waite or clone before moving into deeper waters.

To me, reading cards is about listening. If he's hearing the cards already, that's half the battle won. Many buy their sterile RWS decks as their first deck, because they were told it was the "right" thing to do, only to find the deck doesn't move them.

It doesn't... sing....

A person can always go to Rider Waite, and Golden Dawn symbology later, if his interest in Tarot continues. But, for the beginning, why *not* buy him a deck that speaks to his heart?

Learning to listen to the voice inside is so much more important, to me, than listening to what authors told me to think. Book learning can come later if he wishes. Listening to the cards... looking at the pictures (and what detailed, expressive pictures these are) and finding the stories on his own... THAT is where the magic is.

My only caveat would be if your friend is still living with his parents, or any others who may have uninformed views on what Tarot is all about, they might find a deck like this disturbing. I wanted to be sure to say that too, since culturally I know you are facing a different set of social circumstances than I am under, while giving you this advice.

But I still say... go Gothic!
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