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This was my first deck that spoke to me. I got it within a few months of my RWS but I hated my RWS from the get-go (someone got it for me to get me into Tarot... turned me off much more than needed for a good decade). I kept using this one instead.

I find the imagery is pretty similar in a lot of ways, actually. Some of the cards are near clones. Those that are not still keep similar meanings. For example the Gothic 5 of Pentacles has a Nosferatu-type character. If you think about it, this character would be just as shunned as the poor, weak, and helpless of the RWS 5 of Pentacles. Same meaning derived from differing imagery. As a result the book meanings will be similar for your friend even if the images are a bit different. I consider my Gothic Tarot an RWS clone.

Many readers don't use reversals even when their decks allow for it. And even many proponents of reversals tell beginners not to start with reversals until they've got a handle on upright card readings. 78 cards is a good jumping off point! Your friend can explore reversals as he's ready to - he need not do it right away. And perhaps he won't feel inspired to and that's okay too.

It's so important that the deck call to the reader and that the imagery be a good fit. Otherwise the whole proposition of reading is right out. Details such as it being a clone, or it being non-reversible, are just that - details. Your friend can explore the details at his leisure once he learns the basic joy. In order to learn the basic joy he needs a deck that resonates with him. And he seems to have found one, so go for it! Once he's hooked on Tarot then he can explore more traditional decks, or reversible ones, if he's so inclined.
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