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This deck is actually my first ever deck too. Since this thread is what made me feel alright about buying it as my first deck, I just wanted to quickly respond even though this thread started more than 10 years ago. Wow.

I wasn't even interested in tarot until I randomly came across this deck. After researching tons of decks for beginners, I didn't like or care about a single one I saw. So I read this thread and bought this one.

I think it actually follows the RWS meanings pretty well, though maybe not the imagery. The booklet that comes with the deck is pretty good. And you can also buy the book for the deck separately. I think it's a good beginner deck paired with a tarot book or even free online tarot resources. That's how I learned it, and it was pretty easy.

For me, connecting with the cards is very important. If I hadn't gotten this deck as my first ever deck, I would have completely lost all interest in tarot.

So to anyone who is worried about if it's going to be a problem to buy this for a first ever deck, don't be worried. It's fine. This deck follows the basic traditional structure and also leaves room for your intuition. It's perfect.
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