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Well three's a nice start for a group, if you guys are interested.. Maybe we could start by talking about how we *met* Motherpeace and what we like about it and what we want to learn more of?

I was introduced to Motherpeace by the woman who introduced me to Tarot. I love the fact that they are round, that (from the tradition the woman who introduced me taught me) it's cyclical and less emphasis on reversals than on cards containing *all* meanings. Also, the feminist orientation w/o excluding men altogether. I have never seen another Death card that I like more - I love the image of composting AND renewal. To me, Motherpeace contains the spirit of Gracie (my friend who introduced me to the cards) - a real "mother earth" spirit with a great capacity for love and acceptance of all of a person - the good, the bad and the ugly. She was also completely unafraid to tell the truth with this same loving and direct approach - which I have always found Motherpeace to do well.

So what about you guys?
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