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how it all began...

Well, life shifted quite a bit for me around the time of the birth of my only child. she was born around the time of my saturn return and I was having major shifts in consciousness. I had had other tarot decks but none that I was devoted to. One day while browsing in the new age section of Barnes and Noble's some 5 years ago, I found Motherpeace. The round shape was very unique, the colors were absolutely beautiful and joyful to look at, but most important to me, as a woman of african descent, I was abundantly included in the imagery of the deck. I began working with the deck, later buying all of vicki noble's books that I could find (I believe the playbook is now out of print). The concept of Goddess was new to me and reading Motherpeace: A Way To The Goddess Through Myth Art and Tarot, was difficult but satisfying and important to my psyche and growth as a woman. I had been through some life challenges, and Motherpeace was the raft I clung to in the storm. It became my best friend, the deck I slept with under the pillow, and the first thing I reached for in the morning. Because of that book, I can now understand 80% (at least) of anything that I now read relating to the Goddess. I have read some negative reviews about this deck but I find it to be life changing, if you let it!
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