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Freakin' Fortune Teller - Thread 2

Continuing this game as per the suggestion from the opening poster on the original thread:

Originally Posted by Grizabella View Post
I just thought of a game that should be fun. It doesn't matter whether you're used to telling fortunes or not. You can still feel very welcome to join in.

Here's what to do. You lay out some cards and then tell the fortune you see there. Use any spread you want and any deck you want. Just let your hair down and don't worry about getting it "right". Just open your mind and your mouth and start saying whatever comes to mind out of those cards. If it gets wild and silly, the more the fun. Right?

The person you'll be reading for will be the person whose post is right above yours. No questions or background...just a blind reading. Feedback is to be given.

I forgot to say you should say which cards you draw and shall we say which deck? We can make that optional maybe. In our heads we can default to RWS I guess, if no deck is mentioned.
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