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Originally Posted by littlethings View Post
I usually read at my desk, which is not big enough for a 12 card spread. What I did was get a large piece of foam poster board and then put a second piece of the foam board over the spread. I then secured them together with clips/clamps. That way the cards stay put until you're ready to work on the spread again. Even with kids and cats
Thank you for this good idea !
I also thought that I could spread the cards on a low table, and place a large square of transparent plexiglas on the cards when I am not reading.
I need to find either foam board or plexiglas board now !
Another idea I had, was to stick the cards on a vertical metallic surface with magnets. But, I can only think of my fridge as a large enough metallic surface, and there is no way I will leave my precious cards in the kitchen, near where the kids can reach with their chocolate smeared little hands.
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