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I feel that any crystal in the quartz family would amplify the vibrational energy that surrounds a reading table.

Plus, you have palm charka's that need opening to help in receiving and giving when you work with your hands. But them you havet close them afterwards.

Some crystal points have what's called WINDOWS, and some points are record keepers and some are trigonic. You can do a meditation with one before you give a reading to help open your third eye. Maybe even hold one, and rub your finger over the windows or pyramids.

If your looking to use crystals for giving readings I would suggest wearing on your skin, the high vibrational crystals like iolite, amethyst, celestite, angelite, nuummite- and there may be more I haven't listed. Sodalite for helping your throat charka as an aid in speaking. But I would keep the crystals in their familes as to not cancel them out.

If I were to set a staged table, but one that would WORK I would smudge it first, grid it for a day to clear the energy and set the bar for a higher vibrational feeling and CLEAR ENERGY. Intention is everything.

However, all this is great and can give you excellent readings. I don't want to diminish my acquaintances on here that give excellent readings anywhere and anytime- with just a deck of cards in their hands. That is all you need.
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