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Originally Posted by LuckyFox
Alright ! that does it!

*throws Revelations out window*

1. 7 Swords
2. Queen of Wands ("My Card"-Leo)
3. (R)10 Wands
4. (R) Magician
5. (R)6 Cups
6. (R)6 Wands

This is the second time I have gotten reversed 6 of wands in that position.
I wish that I could remember which Tarot book I read it in; but, oh well, somewhere there is a rule of thumb that if half or more of your reading comes up reversed you should either (a) completely reshuffle or (b) read the whole spread right side up. Don't know how that would work with a celtic cross spread. I have had a little more luck (since some of the cards carry an unhappy consequence anyway) with not reading reversals. I am just trying something new. Believe me--I still get the bad stuff--try a three card where you get The Tower and the 10S. That's just well--UGLY.
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