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Hi everyone.

It seems there is a long time no one answers this topic. But since I ended up here in search of knowledge, I'll leave my opinions as well.

This card really looks different from the others. It's not self-explanatory, there isn't a theme going on in it. And, of course, it's a straight reference to Osho as a Master, drawing a limit to what should be considered one. But I do think this card may be there for some reason, either theirs (the tarot creators passing on theirs teachings) or ours (what we are able to understand of it). That's why I think it's a good idea to keep this card in the deck. It sure is an extra piece of information that can come up.

I once tried to read the Osho Tarot about my relationship with a workmate. I picked the "Instantaneous" spread (straight translation from the tarot book, from portuguese to english. Sorry if that's not correct!). This was the result:

1 - Consciousness - Ace of clouds
2 - Adventure - Page of Rainbows
3 - XVI Thunderbolt
4 - The Master

My interpretation was that I was acting correctly towards her, but she didn't really care about how to act towards me. This should cause trouble in the future (Thunderbolt), which would reveal to be a necessary experience to my personal growth (The Master).

Some weeks later, since I felt I had reasons once again to consult the Tarot about the same thing, I decided to do so, and this time I picked the Diamond Spread (sorry once again for the straight translation). I asked "What do I need to know about my workmate?". The result was:

1 - The Master
2 - XVIII Past Lives
3 - X Change
4 - Friendliness - 2 of water
5 - XVI Thunderbolt

This gave me the chills... Specially considering that I don't "cut piles", but I spread the cards on an arch and pick them randomly... So, "The Master" and "Thunderbolt" didn't come up because they were together.

This time my interpretation was little different. Possibly I had all the necessary knowledge and tools to deal with the situation, or it is really something to bring me personal growth (The Master). My workmate represents a problem that has a pattern of repetition in my life, rather than being really connected to my Past Lives. Change is pretty much that - change. Friendliness is how I should act towards her, being gentle and polite despite what happens, specially considering the end the situation will meet (thunderbolt).

I'm not sure if I should have posted the complete interpretations of the spreads, but I wanted to demonstrate two things: first that the card Master may be full of meaning, either we like it or not (personally I like it better than that thunderbold... lol...). Second thing is that there are other meanings we can understand from that card, those are some interpretations I give to it.

I agree with you all that I'd rather have the old man from Innocence for a master than Osho. But that's not the themes we should consider when we ask the Tarot something.

Wish you all the best!
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