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Robin Wood Tarot - Ace of Swords

One can't help but notice the pronounced energy present in all of Robin Wood's aces. In her "Ace of Swords," the sword itself, supported by nothing because it needs nothing to lean on, radiates brightly as the sun's rays bounce off it's steel blade. Around this sword are billowy clouds. Since this card's key words are "knowledge victorious," the clouds represent, according to Robin, "confusion and ignorance that the sword is about to dispel."

I'm reminded that the Ace of Swords is again a card of beginnings, giving the purest meaning of the suit itself. Knowledge and the pursuit thereof begins here. There are no assurances that this quest for knowledge will be painless...the sword IS double-edged, after all. But if we agree that ignorance is NOT bliss, then this perhaps is a pursuit worth fighting for. If this card comes up in a reading, maybe the querent has chosen to embark on the road to increase their knowledge in something or another. If so, depending on where the card fell (and in what spread, not to mention the question asked...), its presence may be a vote of confidence that the querent is on the right track. Or maybe the querent is being reminded that the only way to get to the bottom of something is to literally jump-start such a journey. In this case, the card's presence is a nudge to get going and not to procrastinate further. 'course there are many possibilities of meaning when taking into account all the variables present in a reading. In a reversed example, perhaps the querent is on the wrong path for learning and other avenues should be considered. Or maybe the quest should be cancelled altogether. In the latter case there may be other cards in the spread that can clarify as to why this would be so. Etc. etc. etc.....

As in all of Robin's court cards in the suit of Swords, wings or birds are present in the Ace of Swords, as well. The hilt of the ace's sword are wings of gold. Robin said in her book, " show the freedom and joy that knowledge can bring." There is no place for stagnation to simmer if one is constantly going forward via studying, observing and self-improvement of the mind. I can only speak for myself, but I'm happiest when I'm learning (and also teaching what I learn, as that is an aspect of my profession.)

I love the greenery surrounding, but not strangling, the sword in the Ace of Swords. White roses, thorns and all; a laurel wreath; and an olive branch are all potent and meaningful symbols. According to Robin, "So victory (laurel) will bring peace (olive), beauty (rose) and freedom (rose); although there may also be pain (thorns)." The DNA shape of the greenery emphasizes the beginning of all life. The caduceus, being also a symbol for healing and the medicinal arts, can represent that healing can take place via knowledge and, as Robin wrote, "...victory and ensuing peace bring healing as well."
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