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The thing about a Raven is...they think they are a law unto themselves, like Coyote or Loki. What ever benefit they bring, they aren't doing it out of altruism, just for getting one over on someone else...just to see them grind their teeth and have a good laugh over it. So they may benifit us, but at someone's expense, so you never can trust Raven...or you may be the one on the short end of the stick next time. That has nothing to do with Keeper of Words, just common facts. Edgar Allen Poe poetry and stories are what most people think of when they hear "raven" and probably is a Western European view. Sorry for lumping and generalizing, but it just seems like that is the way it is. Ravens are dark and therefore suspect, in league with the devil so to say.

In real life they terrorize eagles and crows, well, they all terrorize each other, just depends on who is outnumbered at the time. They sit in trees and meow at's true! They have a language that sounds almost human at times, I think the Tligits/Haida people either "borrowed" that language from the Ravens or they've spent so much time together that they've begun to sound the same. They regard the Raven highly because of his resourcefulness and to remember the Raven, who brought them many gifts and helped civilize them. But that doesn't mean they trust Raven either. Many of the words sound like Raven speech. And they do have two clans, Eagles and Ravens, with other clans/moieties within them.

Ravens were also important in Norse mythology too, it seems like Odin used them for messengers and eagles. Then there are the ones in Aesop's fables, the thirsty one who filled an urn with pebbles until the water level was high enought to get a drink. They are smart and live over 80 years, maybe even as long as 100 or more. They pick up a lot of tricks in that time.

So it could mean if you get a message, consider the source and be wary of putting too much faith in it, there could be some ulterior motives or hidden agendas.
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