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21 ways - Step SIX: Shadowscapes Tarot

I'm doing this excercise with the Shadowscapes Tarot and my chosen card is the Queen of wands:

Part 1:
Wands: Fire- energy, taking action, risk.
Cups: Water-communication, moods, inner processes.
Swords: Air- struggle, decisions, problem-solving.
Pentacles: Earth-value, instincts, fruits of labor.

May car comes from the Wands suit and I think it fits risk. Commanding people not always ends as you wish but the risk may sure worth it.

Part 2:
Courts are about attitude or personalities.
Number are about situations or specific actions.
Major are about life journey and existential lessons.
Aces are about beginnings.

My card is from courts and I think it means an attitude towards people. A way to guide others peacefully.
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