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Hi Elven,

Glad to see I'm not the only one venturing into the unknown

The symbols you've got seem correct to me (i.e. planet degree plus one) - apart from the Moon, which I think must be a typo Interesting no fire signs.

Regarding the "house", this quote from The Astrologer's Handbook might help:
"The relationships between planets, signs and the houses of the horoscope can be described in terms of a play. The planets represent the actors, indicating the major psychological drives in a person's makeup. The sign in which a planet is placed indicates the role the actor is playing: the approach or mode of expression he uses to obtain his objectives. The house in which a planet is placed, regardless of the sign, depicts the stage or setting in which the activity takes place. It indicates what department of life is affected."

I have also found this site excellent for a know-nothing beginner such as myself - it just deals with the basics and has descriptions for all planets, signs and houses.

As I am said know-nothing beginner, I don't mind at all if Lynda or anyone else jumps in here and corrects me if I've told you wrong. This might be a case of the blind leading the blind. However, I'm really interested in learning more about astrology so hopefully we'll be able to learn from each other. I've just ordered "The Inner Sky", which I'm hoping will help me better weave together the elements of planet, sign and house in a chart.

The Ascendant is considered very important and is usually one of the top three elements in a chart that is first considered: Sun, Moon and Asc. The Ascendant, from what I can gather, is the face you wear in public, how you present yourself to others etc.

Regarding aspects, I'm in "don't go there girl" mode with those at the moment - seeing as I can't even work out the simple stuff - so can't tell you anything about those!

Anyway, I hope this is of some help...

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