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Originally Posted by Abrac View Post
According to some forms of Kabalistic doctrine, the letters of the Divine Name—YHVH—correspond to the Sephiroth after this manner:

Y = Chokmah (Father)
H = Binah (Mother)
V = Daath (Son)
H = Malkuth (Daughter/Bride)

As the story goes, in the beginning the Vau and the He Final were united in a state of marriage. This could be the first marriage of the "Prince no longer of this world;" By an act of Divine Providence, the He Final was exiled to Malkuth where she resides to this day. This is the so-called Fall. At some point in the future, also by an act of Divine Providence, the Vau will raise the He Final and once again Paradise will be restored, the second marriage of the "Prince."

If this is what Waite's talking about, the High Priestess must have a role in the Restoration, but I'm not exactly sure at this point what it would be.
My take would be that the Restoration has got to do with the Initiation or Enlightenment represented by the crossing of the Abyss via the path that belongs to the High Priestess and leads to Daath. The sexual symbolism of the "hymen" - the curtain decorated with pomegranates in front of which the High Priestess (the archetypal virgin) sits - might refer to "the second marriage of the Prince".

Just some late night ramblings.
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