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Originally Posted by lark View Post
Here are few pictures of my Moldavite.
It's about 1 inch by 3/4 inch so as Moldavite goes it's a larger one.
I hung it on a lite lamp so you can see the light shinning through it.
I wear it with black tourmaline beads on each side of it...tones down the high vibrations a little.
Gives me a carefree feeling with the black tourmaline to temper the energy.
wow! that is GORGEOUS!!! I'll add a pic of mine tomorrow. I'm too lazy right now.

Originally Posted by Kurenai View Post
Mashed potatoes and milk? That sounds VERY Irish!!!
I was thinking of going to the crystal store today, but decided not to... Too crummy and sick.
I could LIVE on mashed potatoes and milk! Maybe it is the Irish blood in my veins!

I hope you are soon feeling better. I hate to ask this, but do you think this feeling crummy and sick is due to the moldavite?? If so--put it away for awhile--not in a room where you are in for any length of time. leave it be until you are feeling 100% and when you can have some of the other stones mentioned that helps with the moldavite. Also make sure you are very well grounded as well before you go near it again. It may be that you are extremely sensitive to its energy.
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