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21 Ways - Step Four

Step Four - International Icon, 5 of Wands

He was a loner. Always had been. Every time in the past, there was at least a little hope that this time would be different. He would at last have found the place where he belonged. The place he could call home. The place he would feel comfortable. Now, there is no hope, just the journey and the motions that it entails.

The sounds of wood clicking against itself breaks the ringing silence. He looks around to see where the sound is coming from. Ah, on the hill. He makes his way there. He knows he will join in, if only for a little while.

I am thinking about my feet - how they don't hurt anymore - and how walking is supposed to be the perfect exercise. I have come a long way since starting this journey. I am traveling in a land of images and colors. There is no spoken language...only images and colors. I have learned that ideas are different colors - I have learned alot, and as white is the absence of ideas here, I have turned black from the presence of many diverse ideas. They really are infinite. I am traveling alone. It's a bummer sometimes. It is nice to share and discuss ideas with others, but I have trouble finding people - I am new to this land and I don't feel accepted yet.

Now I am in the Land of the Wands. I'm not long into it, so I am not sure what I should expect yet. I cried alot in the Land of the Cups. I feel my mind wandering here... I stop my thoughts as I hear the sound of wood hitting together lots of times. "What could that be?" I wonder to myself. I had been so absorbed in my own thoughts, I hadn't taken time to survey the landscape around me. I look around me now. I am on a path that runs through the center of a valley. There are rolling meadows of grass and hills in the distance. The sky is a deep blue-green, very unusual anywhere but here. I have only recently learned the Wand language and acquired a Wand to use to communicate with. I have been using it as a walking stick as I walk. I haven't encountered anyone to speak with since I got it, so I haven't had a chance to work with it yet.

Click*Clack*SMACK!* I am walking toward the sounds as they get louder. Soon I can make out figures on a nearby hill. As I get nearer, I can make out the sounds. There is quite a discussion going on! Soon, I am beside them, watching and listening intently. I am spotted by the figure with the light green viewpoint. He flags me in between swings of his Wand. First, sheepishly, I turn down the invitation. But the figure is insistant and eventually I am forced to join in...ok, not really forced

I have always considered myself opinionated - yet I am also a sponge for new ideas and concepts. I enjoy having my knowledge and opinions challenged in a positive way as it causes me to grow and evolve. But there are also ideas and views that are not the same as mine - that I know for me are not right - but they can be as right for others as my own ideas are right for me. In the past, I have been compelled to share my perspective with the goal of getting others to "convert" to my side of things. However, recently, I have found that is a false path, so I have been working hard to change it. Now I feel comfortable putting myself and my ideas out there - and not caring if anyone chooses to follow them or agree with them. It is amazingly freeing.
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