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Step 4 - Druidcraft Tarot - The Moon

4.1 Once upon a time there was a big round moon who only showed himself in the night sky. This moon was very sad, because all the animals in the land were scared of him. They would all spend their days playing outside and as soon as the sun would go down they would go back to their homes where they were safe from the moon. The moon was always sad because he just wanted some company and wanted to see a smile on the animals faces, not fear, and he didnt want them to run away and hide from him.

One day though, the animals had so much fun playing together that they didnt notice how late it was getting until the moon came out. They suddenly saw the moon, startled and started to run when the moon said to them "wait, I wont hurt you, can you please stay and be my friend?", the animals all looked at each other, then looked at the moon and smiled. From that night on, the animals were never afraid of the moon again, and they were all friends.

4.2 I am a round golden moon who only shows myself at night time. It really bothers me and upsets me that I see all the animals running from me at night time. I see them from my house in the day time, then when its time for me to go out, they run and it makes me sad. So one day when the animals were playing late I decided to be brave and ask them to stay and be my friend. There were 2 dogs and a little crab, they turned to each other and decided it was a good idea and since then the other animals and I have been friends and they're not scared of me anymore.

4.3 The part of my story I connect with is making friends and the difficulties in doing so. Since Ive always been very quiet and shy, meeting people and making friends has been hard for me. It can be a scary and anxious thing to do, but looking back over times in my life where these difficulties more likely occur such as starting high school, new jobs, dinners, parties etc in the end I became brave like the moon did in my story and got through those scary times of meeting new people.
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