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Originally Posted by Patrick Booker View Post
I can only give a personal opinion, but I think it is well written. Some of Adams' conclusions are a bit disturbing as he sees it is a manual of rather dark talismanic magic. He does offer some sort of explanation as to why some of the images are so violent. I had previously read Sofia Di Vicenzo's book, which sees it more in general terms of alchemical symbolism. I hope you like it.

Thank you, Patrick, for this and the other information, opinions, and questions you've written here.

I recently received my copy of The Game of Saturn. I'm currently going through Sofia Di Vincenzo's book and was wondering how they compared, so your quick review here is very canny. (Needless to say I knew Adams' book would be far more comprehensive and larger in its scope before purchasing it.)

Having received the volume, I can say that I'm utterly thrilled with the quality of the images and paper. I'm very excited to start reading it!
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