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Originally Posted by bonebeach View Post
Oh my god, the fire thing is terrifying and I'm so sorry that happened, seven! I'm glad everyone is safe. Earlier this year I lost almost everything I own in a flood and the general attitude was, "welp, at least it wasn't a fire," because, yeah, fires are terrifying.

That said--the pic of the burned deck is really really cool looking...

I'm on the e mail list but I didn't see a waterproof spell. Was that just a slip for something in the future?

Wish I could enter the photo thing but due to an abrupt move and a person who's refusing to forward my mail, I don't think I'm ever going to get the copy of the Sola Busca revisited that I ordered.
The fire was indeed ridiculous. A flood - yes the waterproof deck would have been FINE in a flood. I don't think a fireproof deck has been invented yet. \

I do think that was a mis-spoke about the waterproof spell. I could make that for this next month? I have a few ideas about what I'd like to do for entries for July.

Why don't you pm me & I can help you track down that deck?
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