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To me she is putting on her "war paint". Getting herself revved up for whatever battle she is going to enter. The decision is made.
On her shoulder she has a large gold colored protective shield. As if to say "my shoulders are wide. An old expression to mean she can carry a lot if she has to.

The question I have to wonder about, is that blood she is using to put on her war paint ? It looks to me like her wings have already been injured.
You can see the sheer determination and anger on her face. She also has blood already on her leg like she has been engaged in a skirmish already and now is out to even the score.

Good points about the wall and rough sea Rcb.

Since my retaliation would be words, rather than a sword, I can see that I have felt that way many times. If I were in a bad fight and thought I was in the right I would never back off and she is not going to either.

There is nothing conciliatory in this card. I would not want to be the person she battles in the 5 of Swords card which follows. That shows victory, the fight is over.
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