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Originally Posted by nisaba
Andromeda, as the sacrificed one, could, or perhaps should have been killed, instead of which the improbably type-cast hero-figure plunges in and rescues her. Annoyingly, she does not fight for her right to life and freedom. Annoyingly, she does not call her mother to account for her wrongs. Instead she does the whole decorative-woman thing, accepting whatever may come her way, including whatever hero happened to get there first. If I were Perseus, I'd be less than flattered by the idea of first-come-first-serve, I mean, she might have been just as happy with Herakles, Achilles or even Jason. All very worrying, from his perspective.
LOL I love this take on Andromeda! She's difficult for a modern woman to like because of her passivity, but I suppose she does give us a warts-and-all archetypal model for the Queen of Cups. Accepting, all-forgiving and open, but also indiscriminate and passive.
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