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This 513 Rue Saint-Nicaise (only Nicaise during the revolutionary period) was the adress of the Magasin de l'opéra (Opera House's storeroom- at that time the Opera house was Porte Saint-Martin, nowadays Théâtre de la Porte Saint-Martin), also called Hôtel de l'Académie royale de musique before the revolution. After the revolution it was the head office of Etienne Charles who published many political books (among them the well-known Moniteur).
In the so-called "revolutionary deck" we find indeed these two trends that I've begun to discuss in my thread :
- a trend linked to opera and theater
- a political trend that refers to real historical players or events of 18th century's France and Russia.
The building was located near la Place du Carrousel, thus very near Les Tuileries, centre of the power in Louis XVI's last years and beyond.
We have, that Sauveur had been active with a troupe of comedians in the colonies, possibly 1802-04.
Also we have, that Sauveur had a publication about great persons of the theater, "Galerie dramatique ou Acteurs et Actrices célèbres qui sont illustrés sur trois grands Théâtres de Paris: Ornée de soixante portraits".
His address in Bordeaux had been also close to the theatre (around the years 1798-99).

Occasionally he published at "Chez Barba". Barba sold mainly books for the theater play market.

btw ... what's the source for "magazin de l'opera" at 513 Rue Saint-Nicaise?
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