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Hi Sunflowr,

that meeting a foreigner or someone different "is always an occasion for growth and joy". I dont get this... can someone please shed light? Thanks!
Let me just try. Well I think this card has an extra twist. There IS vicory for the "strange" Fey who enters a new community. He survived his travels, he is stared at but for me the people around him are willingly awaiting him. That alone is victory itself. It takes courage to open our hearts and minds for new people who do not belong to our community, to open up for new, perhaps a bit frightening situations. Change can be frightening for a lot of people. But it is a choice to be friendly and fier. "Let's see what this newcomer brings, give him something to eat and drink, let's open up for the stories of his travels, and what strange plant is it he is holding? Let's find out." It is victory over our own fears for the unknown and there is joy in learning from strangers and strange situations. I think this Fey card of victory is the best six of wands I've ever seen.

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