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Originally Posted by Tarot Orat View Post
Hi everyone! Yay new pub!

Mr. Abby has had to go to bed with a headache, poor guy, leaving me to fend for myself for entertainment....AT sounds like just the thing.

Enjoyed reading about everyone's yummy food earlier in the thread! I made my 2nd apple pie, the one I didn't make on Thanksgiving eve, and it came out great. I made the crust with lard, which really DOES make the best darn pie crust EVAR, the filling was apples and fresh cranberries, wiht a streusel topping. Everything from scratch, it's sinful! LOL sorry to toot my own horn so much but I was surprised it came out so well, since I have only made this crust, this filling, and this topping exactly once before. NOw the question is how to avoid eating the whole thing before Mr. Abby wakes up tomorrow!
I'm glad you made another just for the 2 of your to eat. I've never made a pie crust and I have no intention of ever doing go. The idea intimidates me. And I don't even know if I still have a rolling pin...LOL
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