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Originally Posted by emmsma View Post
Hi Est! If it comes to a vote, I am on your side!

How are things with you this morning? Only took 15 minutes to get my boy out of bed today. Might be a good day for him.

Was very excited for Maynard to get his new Nylabone. This morning I am afraid it is too small for him. Must check the packaging. See if it has weight recommendations on it.
Sorry, I got distracted with work (boo hiss!) and forgot to check back here! I'm well thanks, but I want it to be this evening already. I want a nice hot shower and I'm going to colour my hair, and then lots of craft work

15 minutes, huh? Pretty good going. It takes the OH at least 30 minutes, and about 6 alarm repeats, to make it out from under the duvet

Gotta agree with the Kong brigade - they're cool! Sam had a little one as a puppy, stuffed with peanut butter, and he LOVED it.

baylys, that's a dreadful time to have to get up I really feel for you.
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