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Originally Posted by starlightexp View Post
I feel your anxiety lol. One hopes that there are at least enough people that will support the project with more then just energy and good vibes. I have seen several well thought out Kickstarters fall short. We just got to keep banging the drums till its there.

So I have creative question for you. You do the ink work on frosted acetate, but how do you apply the color?
That's the spirit!!

The images are first drawn on the frosted acetate with pen, over a pencil guideline. The pencil gets erased then I paint the colors directly onto the acetate with colored India inks, with a small brush. At that point, the black and white drawings no longer exist except as scans, as I've painted over them.

So it is nerve wracking as I am painting the only originals and I don't want to ruin them!

Sometimes the ink takes several layers depending on the color(s) and desired effect involved. Some ink colors are very transparent, so the black and white shading shows through. Some inks are more opaque, so for those I have to redo the pen on top after it dries. Applying the colors on one can take around 8hours. Some more some less, that is an average. So with 52 left to paint the colors on, it will be quite some time until I have a complete set of painted images for a color version of the deck.

I will film a time lapse of that process at some point. But I probably won't even be able to start that until after these get published, assuming they do. I am really looking forward to the painting part, that is the fun part for me, though I do agonize over color selection. Though I follow the GD color scales I still have to make decisions about what color goes where for best effect.
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