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Wink I just wanted to say thank you and goodbye to everyone on here

I think today is going to be the last time I will log onto AT. I've been lurking for a while, reading the talking tarot thread for a while and just seeing what the community has going on. I've debated for a while about if I should post anything, and if it would be important, or poignant enough for what I would like to say.

I started my tarot journey ten years ago, when I was going through one of the worst times of my life, and though I didn't join until a few years later, this forum has been an unimaginable resource for me, and was something I always took for granted because I thought it would always be here.

I mostly participated in the exchange section of the forum, but I'd poked my head in every great now and again in other sections, and made tarot spreads, did other forms of divination, etc. There is just so much knowledge here, and I know I'm not alone when I say that this place has provided a huge comfort to so many in bad times, or just simply a place to go when you feel lost. I know I personally have come here so many times when I have felt lonely, or scared.

You know what they say, tarot is the poor man's therapist right? While I have been involved in a slew of online communities, this one has always been one of the kindest I've ever known, and I have barely any bad experiences or memories here.

I feel like so many things are ending this year, and this is a frightening step in an odd sort of way, but like all endings, I think new doors are opening too, there will be new lessons in everyone's life, new experiences, and space for new communities and new people who come along to sit at our tables and read with us for only just a moment.

I feel like I'm rambling, so I'll wrap this up, but thank you to anyone who has let me sit with you and read, thank you to anyone who has listened to me and helped me with situations, and I'm deeply sorry if anything I've ever done has offended or hurt anyone here. <3 I hope you all have the best of experiences and learn all that you're meant to!

I'm on the cartomancy forum under my same moniker if anyone wants to get in contact with me! I'll have my pms open if anyone would like my email or anything for readings, but tonight I will clear everything out and log off for the last time.

Again thank you to everyone I've encountered here, and I hope you're all doing okay during this sudden change in our path <3
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