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Daniloff Fool

I found the Daniloff Tarot just as AT is a matter of fact, it is on its way to me from Alexander now and might just arrive on the 14th...

So, as one journey ends and another with new decks, new cards, and new forums begins, I would like to leave you with the Fool.

May all who read this receive blessings of New Beginnings filled with light, laughter and puppy dogs nipping at your heels
May Universe bless you with excitement, courage and a brave heart as you step into the unknown.
May the Great Mother bestow upon your Tarot Journey a lightness and understanding tempered with humor and compassion.
May the Elemental Divine provide access into the Akashic Realm with sparks of positive intuition.
May you always have healing tea, good books and a warm blanket.
May you always love one another.
May you always love.
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