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Originally Posted by FLizarraga View Post
I am not so sure. Alienating a sizable chunk of your customer base hardly seems like a good business move. One thing is to do pricier special editions of reasonably priced decks, and a whole other is to do nothing but pricey special editions, which then will not be so special after all.
I agree with this so hard. Even most fashion houses have a diffusion brand. An Alexander McQueen dress is WAY out of my price range, but an McQ by Queen dress is...occasionally on clearance at a price that is attainable.

Different price points = wider audience. And I don't think the world of tarot is so big that it can sustain a studio that does only lux lux lux for long. They've already branched out with the bags and textiles, etc, but none of those things alone have the kind of fan base that their decks do, and you're not gonna hook fresh blood with scarves.

But who knows? I have a grand total of zero baba decks. I did order the Bohemian Gothic to see if it makes me get the hype (and also because I wanted it), but until it gets here...eehh.
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