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Originally Posted by bonebeach View Post
I agree with this so hard. Even most fashion houses have a diffusion brand. An Alexander McQueen dress is WAY out of my price range, but an McQ by Queen dress is...occasionally on clearance at a price that is attainable.

Different price points = wider audience. And I don't think the world of tarot is so big that it can sustain a studio that does only lux lux lux for long. They've already branched out with the bags and textiles, etc, but none of those things alone have the kind of fan base that their decks do, and you're not gonna hook fresh blood with scarves.

But who knows? I have a grand total of zero baba decks. I did order the Bohemian Gothic to see if it makes me get the hype (and also because I wanted it), but until it gets here...eehh.
Unfortunately, the price is too high for me too, I have to invent some extraneous monetary balancing act to be able to afford it. I did it once for one of their decks and I felt... a sucker in the end. I suspect the high price is the reason I almost lost the pleasure to use their decks.. In a way, I find it unfair, it is still some printed paper with nice pictures, so many artists spending years on creating one good quality art deck will not charge near as much.

In fashion, with their popular name already, if they apply smart business, they can make fortunes with their label. They do it with tarot already.
I do not agree with the idea that starting with deck high prices will discourage the ebay resellers later on to profit. In fact, it is just the opposite, high pricing from start is automatically a justification for even way exaggerated pricing on re-sellers.
And it is not a collector item, they DO reprint reprint reprint. Who can blame them, it sells so good. In the end, the regular every day consumer is abused. And tarot people, statistically, are mostly just regular people, sometimes maybe with a higher awareness about things, but financially speaking not even on a high end of income scale. Mostly, sadly, on the contrary.

In the end, as long as there are enough people willing to pay that kind of money, it is just an encouragement for a regular deck price label higher and higher. They could easily ask even double or triple now then for an Alice deck. Why not, if it sells? And the marvel of it all is that it actually would, no matter how insensitive the price would rise.
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