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I really like this card; however, I see the point that you are making as well, Sorceress Jade, about there being more to him than meets the eye.

I was reading a book a couple of days ago that was talking about truth and honesty and how we could misuse these wonderful traits and turn them into an attack on someone else. Being "brutally" honest, can be a brutal act if the intention is to hurt the other person.

For me, Honest was one fellow that I just fell in love with. His big, soft, gentle eyes. The hints of light around the tope of his head and his throat remind me of the goodness that embracing honesty bestows.

To be honest, I hadn't given any thought as to why he has the jagged extentions coming from his head, and I didn't particularly notice that his hands were out of view. I was just so drawn to his eyes and throat, I guess.

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