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Originally Posted by bluefairy
.i love the fact she is masked not reviling her true self.she seems to be down to earth simple and care free.everything about this card is great from the sky,moon to the woman and the water.
When you think about the High Priestess card, in the traditional meaning, she conceals, she is the spiritual feminine, whereas her counterpart is the Empress who reveals and she is the material feminine.

If you look at the Gilded High Priestess, you see that she drags a toe in the water symbolising that she is in-touch with those greater depths of her emotions, she is able to withdraw from the material world in order to access those hidden secrets that she keeps within - down to earth is not a word I would describe her as but she does have the ability to not only recognise her duality, that is her conscious and her subconscious, but make these work in union for her - in other words allow her inner guidance to guide her outer actions.

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