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Magpie9: Just wanted to express my appreciation & AHA at your view of this version of Judgement--love it!

I love the images of the Sacred Circle. I suppose the traditional numbering of the cards are so ingrained that the differences with some of the Major Arcana cards in this deck result in stumbling blocks. Instead of a 15-The Devil card, there is 14-The Underworld, (which I like better for associative & insight purposes) & Temperance is numbered 16 (which tends to throw me off).

The opening or doorway is in a black void where no life exists; or pertains to the stillness of no life/death. The stone doorway the way to a new life cycle. Stone has a permanency & solidity that withstands time--at least in the reckoning of Man & perhaps, even of the gods themselves. The spiral engravings on the threshold & on the left block representative of the never-ending cycle of life. Its 5 stone blocks pertains to the earthly or the material; Man. The 6th block is the threshold over which one passes into life or death. 6 the number of harmony, love & completion of a cycle. The crescent-shaped wreaths of evergreens at opposing corners of the doorway suggestive of beginnings after which they grow full circle. That is, either ends of each crescent will reach out to form a whole or a circle according to the seaon. Also suggestive of the Pagan/Wiccan Wheel of the year with its Greater & Lesser Sabbaths. The crescents also representative of the feminine or opposing energy which is needed to offset the masculine. Balance.

I also see this Judgement as heralding the birth of the Sun King; the Lord, consort to the Lady. With the advent of the new Sun, new life & growth emerges in & of the earth.

Its appearance can indicate regeneration or rebirth; a second chance at potentiality; an awakening, revelation or realization. The completion of a metaphorical or actual journey.

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