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Originally posted by galadrial
freesiaskye thought I might like this deck (how did you know?).
'Cause I can tell these things. <g> Actually, I can't quite figure out why it isn't more popular. We shall have to give credit to Maan for being the voice in the wilderness for so long, and for Yab for getting her talking about it again.
It reminds me so much of other things I like: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Alice in Wonderland, The Patchwork Girl of Oz, and, if you're into adventure games, Falderal and Ooga Booga from King's Quest VII: the Princeless Bride, and Zanydu and the Malevolands from Toonstruck.
See, you're definitely a story person, and this deck has the most wonderfully, inventive story and characters.
So, I ordered this deck this morning- but it really is the last one for awhile; I must give these decks some quality time!
Oh that's great, what a happy thing to buy some new high quality decks. Yeah me too about giving them some time, but it just seemed right. I'm pretty picky about decks as I'm not a true collector and only buy ones I know I will use. I just knew I'd use this.
P.S. Sing ho for Cups in the Desert. My heart belongs to the desert, where I was born, raised and still reside:-)
It was meant to be!
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