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Originally Posted by variantventures View Post
Thank you. I think I might not have had as much success without Ludophone's catalog numbers.
... :-) ... Well, it's the function of these forums that information of different sources run together.

Do you know about the recent finding at Palermo, Sicily (I think, from 2015)?
Do you know about the Assissi cards? Rather similar to the Rosenwald Tarocchi-Minchiate cards).
The single Minchiate card in Paris (came up c. 2004)?
2 Tarocchi cards (possibly 15th century) in France, found in 1990?
Minchiate cards in Ronciglione c. 1600 (found in the 1990s)?
Rovereto cards?
2 cards in similar style as the Charles VI Tarot?
Cards with dice results and motifs of the Schedel'sche Weltchronik?
Issy-les-Moulineaux Tarot card?
Similar Queen card sold at an auction?

If not, then ask.
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