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Louis Wilkinson, the editor of Crowley's commentary on The Book of the Law, had this to say about Crowley the writer:
Originally Posted by Louis Wilkinson
He [Crowley] has no "vulgar sense"; having written for so long out of the ken of the general reader, he has forgotten that the general reader is not a specialist. The result is that, even in his lighter work, there are often certain references and words which the general reader would find unintelligible and therefore disconcerting; references and words that might irritate him and "put his back up" because they would make him feel ignorant, exciting the famous "inferiority complex." "Oh!" says Crowley, "but he can always look it out in a dictionary." What a revealing remark! If you write only for people who habitually use dictionaries, your sales can never be very large. But Crowley does not seem to realize this. He has the scholar's mind; and can no more imagine a reader without a dictionary at his elbow than he can imagine a reader without a shirt on his back.
Another thing that Crowley has never realised is that readers are not, as a general rule, men and women of leisure and that they want things made reasonably quick and easy for them. He never troubles to condense for their benefit, he never does anything to save them time. In fact, he has never troubled to cultivate a single one of the practical, cunning tricks of the literary trade, and he never had any flair whatever for "what puts a reader off." His innocence in this respect is one of the most singular of his many singularities.
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