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What is being said here about Book of Thoth is exactly what makes it so great. So many books, after a first reading the "meat" has been stripped from the bone and I am pretty much done with them. Not that one. No matter how many years I have had it, it reveals something new all the time. It is exactly that it brings in all sorts of things to look up and reflect on that makes it magickal. It is like the everlasting gobstopper, always changing colors and flavors and never diminishing. I sometimes play imaginary games with myself, like if you could only have 3 foods for the rest of your life what would be smartest to pick, or what album would you never get sick of, and I imagine, if you were locked up and could only pick one book to keep (and not a dictionary or glossary of sorts as that is cheating), and only allowed to request others if tracking down a reference in your one book, you could be in pretty good shape with that one.
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