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Interesting, Green Horse. I think it really depends on whether you see the tarot reader in the foreground as part of the scene or as simply someone walking by and going 'hmm, this looks like a 10 of pentacles moment to me!' (Or am I the only one who tries to relate small day-to-day occurrences to the Tarot?)

If you see the tarot reader as part of the scene, it does read like 'small dark-haired kid looks at his also dark-haired mom with sadness while his dad smooches with his new blonde girlfriend.' But nowhere in the book is this even implied. I think this interpretation is really emphasized by the fact that the kid and one of the dogs are looking straight at the fortune teller.

If they hadn't, it would've been easier to read this as 'fortune teller walks by, smiling wistfully as she sees a happy young couple in love. She knows it can't last, because after you've reached everything, where can you go next? Let them rejoice in their happiness for this brief moment at least.'

I like the stylistic choice of not stuffing all those pentacles in the scene but neatly placing them in a card-within-a-card instead. But maybe just having the card float by on its own (like in other cards in this deck) would've helped with clarity.

(OTOH, I've read on this forum that several people see the 10 of pents as a sign for adultery. This makes it a lot more explicit.)
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