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Originally Posted by Bloudwedd
OK, maybe I have waaaaay too much free time to enjoy my IDS with - but what on earth do you do during your IDS with a specific card?????

I have found that I can easily look at the assigned card. See the details of that particular card and then also see the meanings connecting. And then I am done it feels like...:-( And do not get me wrong, sometimes it is a blessing to be able to do this quickly. But somehow I feel kind of as I am letting down myself too easy. Anyone got any suggestions to someone with a bad lack of imagination?

This happened to me more than once.

For each card I got into the symbols, colors, etc. and jotted down my notes on them. Being that I have a nontraditional deck (New Orleans Voodoo Tarot), I also did research on the various spirits in vodoun, which gave me a greater understanding of WHY cards were drawn the way they were. I would also try to connect them to the more traditional RWS meanings; the NOVT tended to do this in a very roundabout way, and sometimes with alternate meanings.

For some cards I was only able to write a few sentences; others, I wrote an entire page.

It happens. Don't beat yourself up because you are less chatty about certain cards than others. I found that I would end up (and still do) going back and adding insights as they came to me, and this would happen long after I'd finished a card and moved on to another.

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