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Hello, everyone! Please forgive me if I don't reply to each and every post, as happened in the beginning stages of the first IDS with one person chucking a wobbly .

I'm pleased to be continuing with my Wheel of Change, for the moment. I'm powering through it, actually! After almost three months of gettin gto know one another, I finally began journalling intensively with the cards in sets of each number and the Majors alone, and I'm going very well! I've done the Fives, Sevens, Tens, Strength, Judgement and one of the Sixes. I'm so proud of myself, because not only is this a real breakthrough in terms of discipline for me, but I'm really making some wild connections. Studying the sets of each number was the key, I think. By pondering the "meaning" of each number according to the creator (as well as other sources) and how each card reflects that, I'm really starting to see not only what makes the set cohesive, but each card's Suit nuances as well.

The Majors are the exception to this rule. The creator of my deck puts forward an alternative layout for the Majors, setting aside the Fool's Journey (which has always seemed contrived and somewhat of a "long bow" to me) in favour of what she calls the Tarot Tree. This has necessitated some juggling of meaning in a couple of the cards (notably Judgement, The Chariot and Strength), but nothing Earth-shattering. It makes wonderful sense to me, but it means that the traditional numbering of the Major Arcana is all but meaningless in this deck. So the Majors aren't part of my sets.

I haven't struck a Court set, as yet. In a way, I'm actually looking forward to it, especially to learning the difference between the Princes and Princesses. At the moment, they're all a bit the same to me, I'll admit!

This whole journey has made me realise just how non-traditional my deck is, and more to the point, how different each deck is from all others. I'm glad I chose this one (well, it's more that it chose me!), rather than a RWS-derived deck like the Golden or DruidCraft. I just don't think I could have focussed for this long with a deck that didn't challenge me as much as the Wheel of Change does.

\m/ Kat
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