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Choosing my deck

I have narrowed my choice of decks down to The Robin Wood or the Universal Waite. It was very hard since neither deck is my favorite. I guess I am trying to select a RW clone because I have not read much with them and I feel I need to focus on what I don't know.

My husband and I were talking about the decks and he doesn't understand why I don't just choose the Vision Quest. He knows it is my favorite deck. I read very well with it because I understand its symbols since it is from my culture.

So anyone have any suggestions? Robin Wood? Universal Waite?

I even considered The Pictorial Key Tarot which I just got in a trade. ARRGGHH!

My Rules:
I do plan to use my Medicine Cards as my Oracle, with my Sacred Path if needed.
I will try not to buy any decks during my IDS.
I will not use any other decks during my IDS.
I will put all my decks away for the duration. (This will mean on a high shelf as space is a premium in this house. No room for a big box or tote.)
I will journal at least 3 times a week but hopefully more.
I will handle my chosen deck everyday.
I will use my books for supplement.
I will post to this thread especially if I am struggling before I wimp out.

I think that is enough in the rules area for me now, I don't do well with rules. My friends call me an outlaw. Can't help it. It's in my DNA.

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