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Cool Couldn't resist...

I picked up my Daughters of the Moon deck and started shuffling through it...then I separated out the suits and majors...

This deck is going to be as much of--if not more of--a challenge than the New Orleans Voodoo Tarot!

For starters, the deck is 5.5 inches across in diameter (it's a round deck) and 1.25 inches thick. Shuffling is going to be an experience.

Secondly, there is no king/queen/knight/page or specific's maiden/mother/crone.

Thirdly, almost everyone is naked on the cards. That's I mean, I remembered this, but I haven't used this deck in almost 10 years.

Fourth...the deck is in German (well, at least I'm learning a new language); at least the book is in English!

Fifth, I flipped through some of the cards and some of the meanings are completely different than RWS. Hoo boy...

I'm not putting an specific end date on my IDS, and I will probably pick up another deck (more likely the NOVT) in the meantime. But this is my second IDS and doing so won't interfere with my studies. And I'm definitely using my oracles and runes.

That's about it.

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