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I only lasted a couple of weeks with my original IDS and I really want to start again, and this time I will finish. Reading over posts from the past couple of weeks, I'm inspired by each and every one of you who have committed to your IDS. You've made it possible for me to pick this up again.

I'm choosing my deck. I've thought about:

The Fairytale Tarot
Universal Fantasy

The Fairytale was the deck I used before. I'm still very drawn to it, love the stories, and would love to try it again but I'm also afraid I won't be successful.

The Universal Fantasy is a departure from tradition with lush artwork and intricate themes.

The Mythic is simple and deep all at once. I've read about so many posters that have said it made Tarot spring to life for them.

I'll decide within the next 24 hours.

Happy to be returning!
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