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Hi all... I am in full swing of studying my inner child cards... I am spending however many days is needed with each card starting with the Major Arcana... I moved through the Fool quickly (using traditional names to make it easier to communicate here).. I spent 5 days with the magician... Once I fully grasped this card, I had so much fun! My day kept exploding with more synchronicities and manifestations... Random readings, I was invited to an advanced tarot study group with our towns most well known reader... I even gave a LIVING tarot reading... I was working at our holiday market (I have a booth where I sell tshirts) - I was asked to give a reading to a 'potential couple'... I walked up to the guys booth and the way it was set up, with the symbolism and both of them sitting in there, looked like a 3-d tarot card, so I read them that way first... Then, As the 'magician', I stepped into 'their card' and proceeded with a reading with the inner child cards.. Their reading, although only 3 cards, was VERY insightful... I moved through it intuitively, quickly, efficiently (didn't spend too much time with each card)... It was sort of spontaneous with the layout as I've not read for 2 people at once...

Either way, the MAGICIAN presented itself and I felt the embodiment of this card... I really grasped it... Afterwards I thought, wow, I'm ready for the High Priestess... Before I folded up my cards I shuffled them to clear the energy and a card popped out - - - The High Priestess (fairy godmother)... Wow, Magician meets High Priestess...

So, here I sit with the High Priestess card... Its been almost a week... Again, I will trust that when its time to move on, its time to move on... She is definitely more internal, silent, quietly observing... Seems to know more than myself.. haha... She seems to move through emotion quicker.... Not getting so stuck.. understanding, intuitive... stern in a weird sort of way... yet, allowing others to make their mistakes...

Either way, i am seeing that studying by LIVING the cards teachings may take quite a while!

I think I might do a reading for someone today...

I also like to pull a card, feel its impressions, answer questions as far as color, number, lessons, teachings, energies, suit, etc... and then flip it over and see how close I am...

Hope you all are doing well... and THANKS for being here to go through this process with... It feels supportive knowing we are sort of on this journey together!

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