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Originally Posted by DreamWalker
Hi all... I am in full swing of studying my inner child cards... I am spending however many days is needed with each card starting with the Major Arcana... I moved through the Fool quickly (using traditional names to make it easier to communicate here).. I spent 5 days with the magician...
DreamWalker, you've gotten further with this deck than I was able to! Maybe it was my mindset when I tried (I wasn't actually looking at the deck for me, but trying to get a sense of it so that I could review it to someone else who was interested in it). Maybe it was the art. Maybe it was the fact that my Inner Child is buried so deep that he many never see the light of day again!

Originally Posted by DreamWalker
Hope you all are doing well... and THANKS for being here to go through this process with... It feels supportive knowing we are sort of on this journey together!
Yup. We're here for both the highs (which you've described) and the lows (which you don't appear to have hit yet, although some people would consider 5 days on one card to be a low).

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